More sustainable wood in Indian constructions: the Canadian Wood solution

Image caption: FII India office in Mumbai featuring Western red cedar panelling, SPF ceiling and photo frame made of Douglas-fir.

  Already a major trend internationally, India is now catching-up on including sustainability as a key element in new building projects. With the volume of hotel rooms to open in the following years in India (we are talking about more than 100,000), the hospitality sector will be on the forefront to adopt a sustainable architecture… Read more »

5 Minutes With Steena Joy, Assistant Editor at Food and Hospitality World

We caught up with Steena Joy, who has been associated with the Food and Hospitality World Expo for the last seven years. Here’s what she had to say – What are the key trends in the hospitality sector that you’ve noticed in recent years? The rise in kitchen equipment according to me is the biggest trend. We are seeing tremendous growth in this sector. There are lots of international hotel brands in India now and… Read more »

Sustainable Infrastructure Can Help Incredible India

The world has gotten smaller. No place is too far, no corner too inaccessible. In the last decade, more people have travelled than ever before in human history – be it on business or for leisure. Naturally, the travel and tourism industry has become one of the largest sectors in the world. In 2014, the industry accounted for 105,408,000 jobs directly which is 3.6% of total global employment. According to the United Nations… Read more »