Technology in Indian Hospitality Industry Remains Underutilised

India’s booming economy and population have meant an unprecedented growth in technology. In October 2015, the country notched an incredible 1 billion mark in the number of mobile subscribers. Internet users are estimated to climb up to 500 million users by 2017, of this 314 million will be mobile internet users. Around the global figures on technology use are rising as well. By the end of last year 43% of the… Read more »

India is growing, so is its hospitality industry

While most of the developing nations have been under a slump, India has stood out as an example in its growth. In contrast to the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, China and South Africa) nations it has managed an upward economic growth in 2014-15 to emerge a star – the fastest growing economy according to World Bank’s 2016 report. An important aspect of this growth is its popularity as a tourist destination. It is in… Read more »