Natural Isn’t Always Green

Who doesn’t like the look of a natural thatch – understated and full of character, it’s a calming visual reminder of a simpler lifestyle free of worries. In today’s world of concrete monotony, it not only stands out but preserves the language of vernacular architecture – reminding us of traditions and local craftsmanship. While the rustic thatch ‘style’ has its many merits, the thatch, which is usually made of natural materials, such as palm leaves,… Read more »

7 Reasons You Need a Palmex Roof Over Your Head

There’s no doubt that Palmex thatch roofs look great. Their tropical aesthetic has been just right for many hospitality and other commercial projects.  Not only is the synthetic thatch roof a great looker, but also an efficient performer. Its features provide considerable advantages that save time and money. Here are some top reasons to consider your move to a Palmex roof –


The Palmex thatch roof above all… Read more »