Quick Guide to an Eco-Friendly Holiday

While you take a leisurely stroll on the beach, go museum hopping or curio shopping there are easy ways to make your vacation a green experience. Here are some quick tips to have a fun and earth-friendly holiday 1- Buy and pack conscious fashion Did you know, it takes 2,700 litres of water to make a cotton t-shirt? Now that you know how criminal clothes can be, buy your vacation wear responsibly! Pick quality… Read more »

Travel Green: Five Sustainable Indian Hotels to Pick From

The hotel industry has been under the scanner for being a high-energy consumer. In a world increasingly pressed for resources, hotels can no longer afford to be reckless in their use of resources and materials. Many hotels and resorts are now turning to innovative and sustainable practices that meet their needs while being mindful of the environment. Here are some examples that are leading the way in sustainability in India –

Rammed Mud Walls: Banasura… Read more »