Richard Maillé, the Plastics Guru with a Great Product for India

The founder of Palmex talks about selling synthetic thatch, Québec style, to resorts and hotels in India and around the world When Richard Maillé, founded Palmex Synthetic Thatch in the cold region of Quebec, Canada, he had little idea that his product would one day be sold across continents. Palmex began its operations in India in 2016 and Maillé had been eager to visit the country ever since. He finally made his first trip… Read more »

Palmex India’s Synthetic Thatch Used in New Gandhi Charkha Museum

In pre-independence India, Khadi, hand woven and hand spun cloth made using cotton grown on home soil – became more than just textile. Khadi stood for self-reliance and became a symbol of India’s struggle for freedom from British rule. It was the 1920s when Gandhiji began using the humble charkha or the spinning wheel to spin khadi cotton to reinvigorate the local economy and register protest against The Raj. Today, again, modern day Indians can… Read more »

The Business Benefits of LEED Certification for Indian Hotels

How going green is helping hoteliers improve communities, conserve resources and positively influence their bottom line Summer 2017. It is a scorcher of a day and I am browsing listings on TripAdvisor – dreaming of a vacation away from the heat and dust of the city. A dizzying array of resorts, boutique hotels and homestays beckon. While one resort invites me to gaze at the stars, take long nature walks and do nothing, another property… Read more »


Whether it’s the harshness of the summer sun, the burden of frozen snow in the winters, the eerie howling of wind storms or the beating of persistent rain, a house can only bear the onslaught of weather’s unpredictability with a strong and reliable roof over its head. Nothing is as important as a roof when considering the suitability of a building to climatic conditions. Even roof shapes have evolved as an adaptation to weather- gabled… Read more »