How Budget Hotels are Going Green

The hotel industry can no longer ignore its impact on the environment. As hotels raise the bar on sustainability standards and guests have become more environmentally aware, businesses cannot afford to be irresponsible or reckless. The industry’s top players already zealously compete with each other in collecting environmental certifications of every kind to attest to their ‘eco-friendliness’. While big hotels can afford to take steps that might be expensive in the short run, smaller hotels… Read more »

A One-on-one with KP Jayabhanu on Natural vs Synthetic Thatch

We recently had an exclusive interview with Mr. KP Jayabhanu, a building systems specialist with vast experience in engineered wood products as well as innovative industrialised building systems. His work of five decades has taken him around the globe from South-East Asia to Africa to Europe. As a consultant, he has carried out considerable work for International organisations, government agencies, NGOs and private companies. We spoke to him about the evolution of traditional architecture, the… Read more »

Green Architects: The Vernacular Architecture of Laurie Baker

This year, 2017, marks the centenary birth anniversary of arguably India’s greenest architect, Laurie Baker, who was often called the ‘father of sustainable architecture.’ Laurence Wilfred Baker, born on 2nd March 1917 in Birmingham, England, moved to India at the peak of the Indian Independence struggle against the British. A ‘Mission to Lepers’ sign that he saw in London piqued his interest and he was soon on a ship headed to India. The Mission was… Read more »

Shaping the Environment: Top Trends in Landscape Architecture

At a time when the planet is pressed for resources, landscape architects are endowed with a power to make choices that can induce some harmony into our living spaces. In fact, trends suggest that landscape architecture is moving clearly in the direction of sustainability. Clients no longer look for just aesthetics, instead, they are letting environmental concerns drive their decisions. We look at some of the latest trends that are changing the landscape of landscape… Read more »