Need for Sustainable Tourism in the Andaman Islands

Surrounded by blue waters and home to rich biodiverse flora and fauna, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, are a group of 572 islands and islets located off India’s mainland in the Bay of Bengal. Until the early twentieth century, the beautiful Andaman and Nicobar Islands were shrouded in obscurity. Before India’s independence, they were known for kala pani, a colonial prison to which people from mainland India were banished to. It was only in 1950s… Read more »

Introduction to GRIHA – How to apply for India’s best-known green rating for buildings

Real estate located in the greener parts of a city tends to fetch higher rates during sale because these buildings offer occupants a superior quality of life. A building surrounded by trees and designed to have plenty of natural lighting, air circulation, with sufficient ground water, is preferable to the energy-hungry, air-conditioned, glass and chrome towers that dot our urban landscape. Encouraging hotels, businesses, builders, and homeowners to construct thoughtfully designed buildings that… Read more »

An interview with eco-friendly hospitality businesses in India on the rise of conscious travellers

India has no dearth of unspoilt beaches, snow capped mountains, deserts, virgin rainforests and wildlife, however, we do little to safeguard these resources and showcase them to the rest of the world. But things are changing in our country. There is a growing awareness amongst large and small hospitality players about the need to conserve the environment and offer sustainable solutions to their guests. Also, there is a growing tribe of conscious travellers who are… Read more »