3 Interesting Building Ideas Using Palmex Artificial Thatch

Palmex offers two kinds of artificial thatched roofs for those looking for a long term, zero-maintenance, roofing solution that is easy to install. What’s more, Palmex roofs are guaranteed to be waterproof, fireproof and pest-resistant. Architects, homeowners, and builders who are in the process of designing resorts, hotels, schools, private homes, farmhouses, yoga retreats and more, contact us for ideas on how to use Palmex. Here are a few examples of how Palmex has been… Read more »

Architect Peter Lewis on the challenges of building an eco-friendly resort in the Andamans

The Andamans Archipelago is made up of more than 300 islands in the Bay of Bengal, off the Indian mainland. Home to thick tropical forests, endangered animals, native tribes and some of the most spectacular marine life in the world, construction here poses quite a few challenges. The remote location of the islands means that material has to be transported via sea or air, and the climate of the region calls for sturdy yet aesthetically pleasing… Read more »

Five eco-friendly materials that look great and are easy to maintain

As home owners, hospitality businesses and corporates, you stand to gain a lot by using green materials to construct and decorate your spaces. Some of these eco-friendly materials look great, are easy to maintain and help cut down heating/cooling or installation costs. And, at the same time, give your property that traditional, yet chic look. We decided to do a roundup of five interesting materials that you can consider using when you are doing up your home,… Read more »

Does Your Roof Beat the Rains?

The patter of rain showers are always a time of great relief and playfulness after a searing summer. But the rainy season, which can span for three months or more in most parts of India, also brings with it a unique set of challenges. Rains can have an adverse impact on the structure of buildings; roofs, in particular, take all the beating of the forceful downpours and experience a lot of wear and tear during… Read more »