Client Testimonial: Installing Palmex to Replace Clay Tiles

We at Palmex India like to check in with our client base after completing every project, and assess how our product is doing and gather feedback for future endeavours. This time, we reached out to an industrialist in Kolkata to see if he was satisfied with his new Palmex roof. The Requirement This client, who would like to remain anonymous, wanted to upgrade his residence in Alipore in Kolkata. He decided to replace an existing handmade… Read more »

Six Breezy Outdoor Ideas for Your Hotel

Who doesn’t enjoy staying in the outdoors a while longer? Whether it’s unwinding by the hotel poolside, taking in a scenic view from the shade of a pergola or just enjoying the weekend pass by from a patio, being out in the open, closer to nature, has a joy that can’t be compared. By including a bit of the outdoors into your hotel’s decor, you can make a guest’s stay that much more relaxing and… Read more »

Green Up Before You Build: 5 Sustainability Tips for your Hotel’s Blueprint

Why should sustainability always be an thought; a series of belated, shoddy attempts to fire-fight and redeem badly planned buildings with some token ‘eco-friendly’ measures? Why not let the values of eco-responsibility lead the design of your hotel right from the start, rather than force-fitting sustainability later? Incorporating major changes after your hotel is built might not only cost a great deal, but, might not even be possible later due to design restrictions. If you… Read more »

From Enquiry to Installation: 5 ways the Palmex experience is tailor-made for you

Building a synthetic thatch roof is much simpler and faster than building a traditional one. Synthetic thatch roofing is also maintenance-free, easier to repair and more cost-effective, especially in the long run. It also appeals to the eco-conscious consumer since it does not involve the harvesting of leaves and causing damage to the natural environment. So, if you’re planning to build or redesign a project, we have put together a handy guide for clients who are considering… Read more »