3 Sustainable Materials To Construct a Stylish, Eco-Friendly Home in India

Congested roads, hour-long traffic snarls, garbage piles, smog caused by pollution, unseasonal rains, floods, and scorching summers – chances are you are familiar with all these problems if you live in the city. This is why more urbanites are choosing to spend their weekends in the midst of nature at resorts, and a few eco-conscious citizens amongst us are constructing homes in a more earth-friendly way, so as to reduce their dependence on non-renewable materials…. Read more »

6 green building trends that we loved in 2017

The move towards sustainability in buildings has been on for quite a few years now. While the awareness about energy efficiency and resource management has been catching up, 2017 saw some new and exciting trends that we loved. At the same time, some old trends got a greater impetus with much-needed innovation this year. Here are our picks of the year’s favourite green building habits. 1. Zero Energy Buildings Green buildings set their goals… Read more »

Eulie Chowdhury: Woman, architect, pioneer

Eulie Chowdhury began her career at a time when India was a vastly different universe. After over two centuries of British rule, the newborn nation was just finding its footing as an independent country. It was a time when few women were allowed to step out of their homes, let alone work. In 1947, the year India gained its independence, Chowdhury earned her degree in Architecture from the University of Sydney. She is recognised widely… Read more »

Setting the Ambience for Spiritual Centres with Palmex

There are times when we feel the need to get away from the maddening crowd to a haven where we can rest and find ourselves. Spiritual centres offer much-needed respite from our busy lives to reflect, and rejuvenate our minds and bodies. What plays a key role in setting the ambience of a spiritual centre is its architecture and design aesthetic. Unlike regular buildings, spiritual centres are places that must inspire a sense of calm…. Read more »