5 reasons why natural thatch is no longer preferred as a roofing material

Thatched roofs have been in use for centuries and with good reason. Thatch looks understated and elegant, and can be moulded into interesting shapes to complement the natural environment. However, builders have now begun to avoid natural thatch as a roofing material because of many sound reasons. 1. Lack of skilled labour to make and install natural thatch Creating a thatched roof using palm leaves, coconut fronds, or elephant grass takes enormous skill and time…. Read more »

A Look Back at the Year’s Highlights – Palmex 2017

Two years ago, we decided to enter the exciting Indian market. The journey from the snow-covered winters of Quebec in Canada to a sunshine-soaked, colour-packed India has been exhilarating, to say the least. We knew that in Palmex we had a top-quality product that over-delivers on its promises, but foraying into a completely new market had its share of challenges. While we’ve had wonderful clients right from the start, 2017 set the ball rolling for a… Read more »

Pravina Mehta – Activist, Urban Planner, Architect

As a young architecture student, Pravina Mehta joined the wave of revolution that swept across British-ruled India in the 1940s. An admirer of stateswoman Sarojini Naidu who was at the forefront of India’s struggle for independence, Mehta could not just stand on the sidelines and watch. Owing to her activism, she abandoned her degree in architecture from the JJ College of Architecture in Bombay. But she was later able to finish her education from the… Read more »

Being Bamboo: 7 reasons why this grass is a unique building material

[Cover photo: Palmex’s Aloha variant can be seen on a bamboo structure.] Which is the world’s fastest growing plant? This question often makes its to many a quiz across schools in the world. The answer, of course, is bamboo. Some species of this grass shoot up as fast as 35 inches in 24 hours! This incredible plant grows three times faster than any other flora on earth and holds the Guinness world record for the fastest-growing… Read more »