4 Building and Design Trends for Hospitality Businesses in 2018

The hospitality industry is constantly changing to cater to customer needs but the new year gives us an opportunity to take stock of the changes that have emerged in 2017, and make predictions for 2018. Here is a list of inspiring building and design ideas for property owners, architects and decorators involved in the construction and renovation of boutique hotels, resorts, homestays and the like. The hotel as an extension of your home Today, hotels… Read more »

Three stunning eco-friendly resorts in south India for your next vacation

Dreaming of a relaxing vacation by the beach in Goa? See yourself soaking in the sun as you make your way through sleepy backwaters in Kerala, or just need a quick break from the city? Here is a curated list of stunning, eco-friendly properties in South India that put nature first. 1. Yogamagic, Goa The Guardian, Conde Nast Traveller, and Vogue Italy have all gone gaga over this eco-chic yoga retreat, tucked away in a coconut… Read more »

Tropical Green Building: 6 ways to reduce construction and maintenance costs

Tropical Green Building refers to a set of environment-friendly practices to suit the unique conditions of creating buildings in tropical climates. Hot summers, heavy monsoons, and mild winters – ahallmarks of a tropical climate – calls for the use of responsible, resource-efficient materials and building practices, so the structure is comfortable to live in for residents throughout the year. Tropical green building ideas have begun attracting interest in countries like India, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka… Read more »

Three Women Pioneering Eco-Friendly Architecture in India

The rising standards of living and building requirements in India call for innovative architecture to suit the environmental needs of a populous country. While some practitioners are experimenting with using local material like mud and bamboo, still others are repurposing plastic and industrial waste to imagine new structures that are sustainable, stable and stylish. Here are a few proponents of a conscious approach to architecture, who ought to be recognised more widely for their efforts…. Read more »