3 ways Palmex synthetic thatch roofing helps property owners save costs

Palmex is a synthetic thatch roofing solution for discerning customers who want a reliable alternative to natural thatch. It has the same earthy, stylish appeal that natural thatch has, without the hassles of maintenance and repair. Palmex roofs have been installed in the world’s best resorts and vacation homes. Architects choose Palmex to create landscaping in apartments, lend a premium look to a yoga retreat, spa, hotel or home. While Palmex may cost more than natural thatch does, in the long run, our artificial thatch solution more than justifies the initial higher investment and here is why.

1. Palmex is lightweight

Unlike other roofing solutions, Palmex is made of HDPE, an industrial grade plastic made to mimic the look of natural thatch. As a consequence, it is very light. The Rio variant of our product weighs 2.7 kg per sq. metre and the Aloha variant weighs 3.4 kg per sq. metre. This means that your roof will hardly stress the structure supporting it and you can save a significant amount on structural and material costs. For instance, you could choose a metal frame instead of building concrete walls to hold up the roof and opt for less thick structures, bringing down your construction costs.

2. Palmex is easy to install – our trained staff finished projects efficiently and on time

It is becoming increasingly hard to find skilled labour to install and replace natural thatch roofs every two years. If installed incorrectly, natural thatch can leak and pose safety hazards. However, Palmex is installed by our trained teams who have the right expertise to deliver your roof in a timely and efficient manner, in line with international brand standards and guidelines. You save on recurring labour costs because a Palmex roof, once installed, lasts 50 years. You can affix Palmex synthetic thatch onto bison boards, plywood, metal sheets and a variety of other material, such as bamboo. Also, you do not need to pay for an additional waterproof membrane because Palmex comes with an inbuilt 100% waterproof membrane that safeguards the property even during the heaviest rains.

3. Palmex needs zero maintenance = Save on housekeeping, repair and maintenance cost

Have you ever thought about how much time, money and resources you spending on the upkeep, repair, and maintenance of your roof?

Chances are you employ a sizeable housekeeping staff to clean your roof, swimming pools and other areas adjacent to gazebos made of natural thatch, which sheds a lot. Also, your team has to spend time fumigating your roof to prevent any infestation of bugs, mice or birds, and keep away moss, fungus and mildew. Perhaps your business/rentals take a hit when a part of your property is shut down for guests, while you replace natural thatch that rots and turns black every 2-3 years.

Palmex comes with a written guarantee of 20 years. This means you have complete peace of mind once you install Palmex. You can also be assured of significant savings on repair and replacement, and can cut back on hiring and training housekeeping staff because Palmex does not require to be sprayed with pesticides or coated with UV protecting sprays, and looks good year after year.

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Preeti Prakash | Journalist

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