Prefab is fab! Interview with a landscape design firm re-imagining the great outdoors

Building a beach resort, vacation home, or apartment complex in the heart of a city? Looking for ideas for your home garden or to beautify your outdoors with a fabulous poolside lounge, Balinese gazebo or contemporary-looking outdoor deck area to break the monotony? Landscape design can help you reinvent your space and create the perfect setting under the sun. We caught up with Riard Jasubhoy and Zane Pedder whose landscape design firm Tropical Paradise has… Read more »

FAQ: Palmex thatch roofs and the Indian summer

Temperatures are climbing steadily, and it already promises to be a blazingly hot summer. This is why we have compiled a series of answers to all your questions on using Palmex synthetic thatch as a roofing solution for the summer season in a tropical country like India. Read on… 1. Does the Palmex artificial thatch help keep the heat out? Installing a synthetic thatch like Palmex is a better option than going with an… Read more »

An interview with Eugene Pandala, an iconic, award-winning, eco-friendly architect

A BBC story described architect Eugene Pandala’s work as a glorious return to tradition, deftly adapted to modern-day needs”. Known to be an architect sensitive to environmental needs, Mr. Pandala has found inspiration in vernacular approaches in his native Kerala and has created several beautiful hospitality projects – notably Sarai near Khajuraho and the more recent, spectacular mud structure at Banasura in Wayanad. He has also built residences, a film academy, shelters for tsunami survivors and… Read more »

Three myths about natural thatch you must stop believing right now

India is a tropical country with hot summers and heavy monsoons, and many architects, contractors, builders, and resort owners opt for a natural thatch roof to keep the elements out. Natural thatch certainly has a rustic appeal – it blends in with the environment and lends a stylish, contemporary, yet organic ‘look and feel’ to the property. But scratch the surface, and the positives begin to fade away. Natural thatch brings with it a host of… Read more »