Construction materials that perfectly complement Palmex synthetic thatch

Palmex is an innovative synthetic thatch roofing product made of HDPE. It outlasts natural thatch many lifetimes over and comes with a 50-year warranty. Palmex mimics the look of natural thatch that architects and builders love, imparting a rustic elegance to the property and blending in seamlessly with its surroundings. In this post, we give you a few ideas on construction materials that complement the ‘Palmex’ look beautifully.


Contrary to popular perception, wood is a sustainable material. Because, unlike concrete, steel or brick, wood is a renewable raw material and does not require a great deal of energy for its production. What’s more, wood provides insulation and helps you cut down on heating costs.

Palmex is a sustainable choice that complements wood, because unlike natural thatch it does not need trees to be harvested periodically. Using Palmex helps builders earn points towards a LEED certificate. Palmex matches the look of wood, and together the materials are perfect for a log cabin in the woods, a resort tucked away amidst nature, or your home that looks like a part of the natural landscape.


The future of building lies in learning to build with sustainable material like bamboo. This rapidly growing perennial evergreen grass can be used in creative ways to create everything from tiles, flooring, decks, exterior panels and walls, to furniture and interiors. Because it is so versatile, eco-friendly, durable and visually-pleasing, bamboo is becoming increasingly popular amongst builders who wish to exploit the combination of flexibility and strength it offers. It has a tensile strength that rivals that of steel, and has a higher compressive strength than wood, brick or concrete.

Bamboo House

Bangalore-based architect Neelam Manjunath has done pioneering work using bamboo in building zero-energy homes.

Palmex complements the look of bamboo perfectly and furthers the aim of building eco-friendly durable structures. Palmex can be laid out in large, flat panels on the roof with ease, and can be manipulated to suit undulating, curved, and organically shaped structures that can be created with bamboo.

Rammed Earth

More and more Indian architects are choosing to work with mud or rammed earth. A plentifully available, local material that can be excavated on-site, mud building can reduce transportation costs and labour involved in procuring material from far off places. It is therefore a perfect choice for those who want to minimise their carbon footprint.

We have spoken with multiple architects who swear by mud construction. Eugene Pandala describes his decision to build with mud as a lightbulb moment. We featured Chitra Vishwanath’s firm BIOME which repurposes mud to create compressed, stabilised blocks to build load-bearing structures such as arches, vaults and domes. Revathi Kamath creates majestic structures with mud.

Rammed earth

All in all, this humble material is also an inspiration to others in the field. Rammed earth can be used to build curved walls, and other organic structures that look like they are an organic part of the landscape, and Palmex roofing solutions go perfectly well with this look, further reinforcing the ‘part of nature’ aesthetic of the buildings.

Exposed Brick

Exposed brick has a certain rustic charm and builders are experimenting with the play of textures and colours on offer when brick is not all covered up with plaster and paint. Architect Laurie Baker who has inspired generations of architects with his approach to green-building, was a big proponent of using exposed brick, saying, “such unique and characterful creations should not be covered with plaster.” Leaving a raw facade with no plaster or paint also helps save on material and labour costs.

Consider leaving bricks unvarnished and exposed and experiment with an artificially thatched roof that Palmex offers to create a visually arresting look. Red, brown or beige, brick weathers well and so does Palmex.

Brick house

Do get in touch with us for more information on how Palmex artificial thatch can become a part of your upcoming project or replace your existing natural thatch roof as a more durable roofing solution. And keep visiting our blog for more articles on green building.

Preeti Prakash | Journalist

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