What You Need to Know About Your Palmex Roof

We have a lot of questions from clients about Palmex. We’ve put together a quick Q&A to answer some of the most common queries that come our way. Read on and if you have any more questions, drop us a line.

Will a Palmex roof reduce room temperature?

Yes, you can expect a Palmex roof to cool your room. The temperatures under a synthetic thatch will be lesser than the summer ambient temperatures. It is impossible to say how many degrees as there are too many factors involved, but basically, you will no longer feel the heat coming from the roof.

How does a Palmex roof keep the building cooler?

Palmex reflects a lot of the solar energy, especially in the UV spectrum. And it also absorbs energy in the infra-red range, which is what causes it to heat up a lot in the sun. However, since plastic is a very poor transmitter of heat and you have several layers of leaves with air in between, heat does not get transmitted down into the building. The best proof of this is to put your hand below an Aloha roof on a sunny day, you will not feel any heat at all!

Can Palmex withstand very hot temperatures of about 45 degrees or more without changing shape?

Palmex leaves are strong enough to withstand very high temperatures. They may get softer in very hot places, but they will not distort or melt unless exposed to temperatures above 100 degrees!

On what roof panels, can we apply Palmex?

You can apply it on anything that will allow you to affix Palmex securely. So, there are really no limitations. When we have installed over something that we couldn’t screw directly into (like clear plastic sheets), we just install wood strips that screw directly in the structural members below the plastic and then we install Rio on top of the wood strips.

Do you have to worry about bird nests in Palmex roofs?

One of the major advantages you have, when you pick Palmex over natural thatch, is that it doesn’t house wildlife. Birds and insects won’t be a problem to fret about. Birds generally do not like Palmex as it doesn’t hold any insects and can get really hot in the sun. However, make sure the roof is installed well without any openings between leaves for birds to slip in through. In the unlikely case of bird droppings, they will not stick to Palmex due to its slippery texture and will probably wash off with a rain shower. You can also clean your roof easily with a water hose or pressure washer. Palmex is resistant to chemicals and acidity, so it will not stain from the droppings.

What about snakes, can snakes get onto our roof?

Our roofs are very slippery for snakes. There can be only two reasons why snakes would want to go there. Either to hide or to hunt. Since it gets hot during the day, they will not hide or rest there. As for hunting, since no insects or animals like hanging around in a Palmex roof, there will be nothing for them to hunt.

Our 100% waterproof, eco-friendly Palmex thatch roof comes with a guarantee of 20 years and lasts for 50+ years! Give us a call to know more.

Image: Palmex synthetic thatch roof on recently completed gazebo in Pune, India

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