Quick Guide to an Eco-Friendly Holiday

While you take a leisurely stroll on the beach, go museum hopping or curio shopping there are easy ways to make your vacation a green experience. Here are some quick tips to have a fun and earth-friendly holiday

1- Buy and pack conscious fashion

Did you know, it takes 2,700 litres of water to make a cotton t-shirt? Now that you know how criminal clothes can be, buy your vacation wear responsibly! Pick quality items that last long and do your bit in reducing your energy footprint. Another great step you can consider is giving away some of your things. Take a little time to organise your wardrobe and donate clothes you no longer use to NGOs or shelters in the places you visit. You’ll notice the happiness you feel on your holiday multiplies when shared with the people you meet.

2- Choose experiences not things

We couldn’t say this enough times. When you reach your holiday destination, whether it is a sun-kissed beach or serene backwaters, make sure you focus on enjoying the experience. Rather than spending a lot of your time in vehicles to reach the so-called tourist spots, use bicycles to explore natural beauty around you. Better still try and walk around wherever possible. You’ll reduce the needless use of fuel while doing your bit for the coming generations!

3- Go local & organic

Doesn’t a visit to a local farmer’s market for picking up your food supplies sound great during a holiday? This not only adds adventure to your to-do list but can be your good deed for the environment. When you buy locally sourced organic produce, you avoid transportation and encourage the local economy. Always remember to avoid plastic and do not litter!

4- Enjoy your stay

While looking for a stay option, choose a place which is closer to mother earth and is built keeping sustainability in mind. Choose your holiday stay that is made of earth-friendly building materials – This can be re-purposed wooden planks, cast earth wall construction or Palmex synthetic thatch roofing.

Wherever you choose to go this holiday season, just remember the small steps you take will have a big impact in protecting the planet in the long run – After all, it’s the only place we call home!

Piyush Punam | Community Manager

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