Setting the Ambience for Spiritual Centres with Palmex

There are times when we feel the need to get away from the maddening crowd to a haven where we can rest and find ourselves. Spiritual centres offer much-needed respite from our busy lives to reflect, and rejuvenate our minds and bodies. What plays a key role in setting the ambience of a spiritual centre is its architecture and design aesthetic. Unlike regular buildings, spiritual centres are places that must inspire a sense of calm. In this context, thatch roofs as a design tool have been seeing a resurgence in wellness and spiritual centres, and Palmex’s synthetic thatch roof is an ideal fit. Here are a few reasons why:

Takes You Back to the Vernacular
A thatch roof is one of the few elements of architecture that continues to have many vernacular interpretations. It helps connect with local surroundings and is a functional element of traditional architecture that lends itself to reinvention. For a spiritual centre or a retreat, going back to the earthy and relaxed aesthetic of vernacular thatch can be key to reconnecting with one’s roots.

Ideal for Outdoor Structures
Whether it is a meditation centre, a yoga room or an airy activity space, Palmex synthetic thatch is a material that works wonders for outdoor spaces. It can be used for a variety of structures such as gazebos, walkways, and pergolas around a wellness retreat. Palmex synthetic thatch is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) that doesn’t conduct heat and will keep your building cooler in the summer while being water resistant, it is built to withstand intense rains in the monsoons as well. For retreat centres, where lots of activities happen in the outdoors, closer to nature, thatch can be just the right choice.

Accommodates Sustainability
Spirituality is about being mindful in our everyday lives. Thinking about how we use our resources and respecting nature becomes important when on a spiritual journey. Spiritual centres must be built with respect for nature and resources. A Palmex thatch roof, unlike natural thatch, does not require you to harvest and deplete natural resources. It is made of 100% recyclable material and can be recycled whenever it is replaced.

Imbues a Calm Aesthetic
While a thatch roof is versatile enough to work for a variety of building plans, its old-school charm is just right for a spiritual or wellness centre. Whether it is a tropical ayurvedic retreat or a yoga centre by the sea, picking a thatch roof is a no-brainer. You cannot beat the elegant look of a thatch roof when it comes to building a spiritual centre.

If you have a spiritual or wellness centre, or are interested in building one, do get in touch with our team.

Elizabeth Raj | Blogger

(Featured photo: A spiritual centre in Odisha with a Palmex synthetic thatch roof.)

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