Landscape Design That Celebrates Nature: A Look At Three Award-Winning Hospitality Projects in India

In this post we are taking a look at some of the winners of the NDTV Design and Architecture Awards. This year, a jury of eminent people like Gerard da Cunha, Michael Foley, Yatin Patel, Suhasini Ayer, Rahul Dalvi, Parul Zaveri and Nisha Mathew Ghosh came together to decide winners across many categories, like Heritage Architecture, Socially Relevant Design and Landscape Award. Today, we will look at a couple winners in the landscape category, from… Read more »

Building in the Andamans: Creating Stunning-Looking, Maintenance-Free Artificial Thatch Roofs for a Beach Resort

In this post we interview Warren Gawde, Project Lead for Palmex India, on his experience leading a roof-installation project for a luxury resort on Havelock Island, in the Andamans.  Warren, could you please tell us about this exciting hospitality project you worked on, in the stunningly beautiful Andamans?  Palmex India recently completed an ambitious roof installation project on Havelock Island. We were contracted to procure and install artificial thatched roofs for a luxury resort. Spread… Read more »

An interview with Eugene Pandala, an iconic, award-winning, eco-friendly architect

A BBC story described architect Eugene Pandala’s work as a glorious return to tradition, deftly adapted to modern-day needs”. Known to be an architect sensitive to environmental needs, Mr. Pandala has found inspiration in vernacular approaches in his native Kerala and has created several beautiful hospitality projects – notably Sarai near Khajuraho and the more recent, spectacular mud structure at Banasura in Wayanad. He has also built residences, a film academy, shelters for tsunami survivors and… Read more »

Building a Better World: How to Reduce Construction Waste

Our dreams today are made of skyscrapers, holiday homes, and high-rise apartments. Progress is measured at the rate of our urbanisation, and Asian countries experiencing a ‘development boom’ are constructing and demolishing buildings at an unprecedented pace. This has led to a new category of almost unmanageable waste in Asia – construction and demolition (C&D) debris. This piles on another burden on our already stressed environment. The irresponsible and illegal dumping of C&D debris has grown… Read more »