Reasons Palmex Lasts for 50 Years Post-Installation

Why artificial thatch is the most durable, cost-effective choice for your property Palmex synthetic thatch is a roofing solution that comes with a 20-year written warranty and has a 50-year life span. In this post we look at the many reasons Palmex is so durable and cost-effective in the long run, making it the right choice for your property. Versatile Material made using High-Quality, Industrial-Grade Plastic Palmex is made of recycled plastic. The superior quality… Read more »

Construction materials that perfectly complement Palmex synthetic thatch

Palmex is an innovative synthetic thatch roofing product made of HDPE. It outlasts natural thatch many lifetimes over and comes with a 50-year warranty. Palmex mimics the look of natural thatch that architects and builders love, imparting a rustic elegance to the property and blending in seamlessly with its surroundings. In this post, we give you a few ideas on construction materials that complement the ‘Palmex’ look beautifully. Wood Contrary to popular perception, wood is… Read more »

Three Questions: How Bangalore’s ITC Gardenia is a Sustainable, Green Hotel

We are happy to launch “Three Questions“, a new series of posts which will give our readers quick insights into what it takes to make a hospitality business sustainable. We are asking business leaders for three key takeaways — at a macro and micro level — which can inspire and guide others looking to implement similar initiatives. Here is the first post in this series, where we take a look at ITC Gardenia,… Read more »

Synthetic Thatch Roof, an Apt Choice For India’s Growing Hotel Sector

Eve Chartrand-Dandurand, Asia head of Palmex International and the Arsha Consulting team are participating in the Hotel Operator’s Summit India (HOSI), New Delhi. They will be showcasing Palmex synthetic thatch roof solutions. Eve talks to us about why the time has come for sustainability in the hospitality industry in India and much more… Here’s an excerpt Your work takes you around the globe, what is your impression about the… Read more »