Sustainable Building Materials Become Popular in the Roofing Industry

Whether it is installing a more energy efficient cooling system, or reducing waste on the property, using fewer toxic chemicals to sanitize a space, or constructing with a longer term eco-friendly objective in mind, companies are investing resources on becoming more sustainable. To keep up with this demand, the market today offers a range of sustainable roofing solutions. Let us look at some new trends in this sector. Sustainable Roofing Materials Those constructing a new… Read more »

What You Need to Know About Your Palmex Roof

We have a lot of questions from clients about Palmex. We’ve put together a quick Q&A to answer some of the most common queries that come our way. Read on and if you have any more questions, drop us a line.

Will a Palmex roof reduce room temperature?

Yes, you can expect a Palmex roof to cool your room. The temperatures under a synthetic thatch will be lesser than the summer ambient temperatures. It is… Read more »

Natural Isn’t Always Green

Who doesn’t like the look of a natural thatch – understated and full of character, it’s a calming visual reminder of a simpler lifestyle free of worries. In today’s world of concrete monotony, it not only stands out but preserves the language of vernacular architecture – reminding us of traditions and local craftsmanship. While the rustic thatch ‘style’ has its many merits, the thatch, which is usually made of natural materials, such as palm leaves,… Read more »