Sustainable Building Materials Become Popular in the Roofing Industry

Whether it is installing a more energy efficient cooling system, or reducing waste on the property, using fewer toxic chemicals to sanitize a space, or constructing with a longer term eco-friendly objective in mind, companies are investing resources on becoming more sustainable. To keep up with this demand, the market today offers a range of sustainable roofing solutions. Let us look at some new trends in this sector. Sustainable Roofing Materials Those constructing a new… Read more »

Construction materials that perfectly complement Palmex synthetic thatch

Palmex is an innovative synthetic thatch roofing product made of HDPE. It outlasts natural thatch many lifetimes over and comes with a 50-year warranty. Palmex mimics the look of natural thatch that architects and builders love, imparting a rustic elegance to the property and blending in seamlessly with its surroundings. In this post, we give you a few ideas on construction materials that complement the ‘Palmex’ look beautifully. Wood Contrary to popular perception, wood is… Read more »

7 Reasons You Need a Palmex Roof Over Your Head

There’s no doubt that Palmex thatch roofs look great. Their tropical aesthetic has been just right for many hospitality and other commercial projects.  Not only is the synthetic thatch roof a great looker, but also an efficient performer. Its features provide considerable advantages that save time and money. Here are some top reasons to consider your move to a Palmex roof –


The Palmex thatch roof above all… Read more »