Five eco-friendly materials that look great and are easy to maintain

As home owners, hospitality businesses and corporates, you stand to gain a lot by using green materials to construct and decorate your spaces. Some of these eco-friendly materials look great, are easy to maintain and help cut down heating/cooling or installation costs. And, at the same time, give your property that traditional, yet chic look. We decided to do a roundup of five interesting materials that you can consider using when you are doing up your home,… Read more »

Architect Yashwant Bhelke’s Search for a Unique Roofing Solution

Palmex recently completed its first project in Maharashtra. We worked with Architect Yashwant Bhelke of Axiom to complete a one-of-its-kind thatch roof in Nimgaon, 160 km from Pune. The project was part of a recreational set up with a swimming pool in a client’s lush 50-acre farm. Our team of ten including eight installers worked for a fortnight to make the project possible. The Aloha variant of Palmex was used to give the roof an… Read more »

7 Reasons You Need a Palmex Roof Over Your Head

There’s no doubt that Palmex thatch roofs look great. Their tropical aesthetic has been just right for many hospitality and other commercial projects.  Not only is the synthetic thatch roof a great looker, but also an efficient performer. Its features provide considerable advantages that save time and money. Here are some top reasons to consider your move to a Palmex roof –


The Palmex thatch roof above all… Read more »