3 Sustainable Materials To Construct a Stylish, Eco-Friendly Home in India

Congested roads, hour-long traffic snarls, garbage piles, smog caused by pollution, unseasonal rains, floods, and scorching summers – chances are you are familiar with all these problems if you live in the city. This is why more urbanites are choosing to spend their weekends in the midst of nature at resorts, and a few eco-conscious citizens amongst us are constructing homes in a more earth-friendly way, so as to reduce their dependence on non-renewable materials…. Read more »

Are you beach-ready: 5 tips to build a seaside resort that lasts

Sea, sand, and sun – these words are synonymous with having a good time. Whether it’s just sitting by the sea and watching an orange sunset or splashing around in the waters – the coast has its way of making you forget about your everyday worries. A resort along the coast can be a haven for tourists who want to unwind and rejuvenate themselves by the sea. But for builders and architects, coastal buildings pose… Read more »

Green Architects: The Vernacular Architecture of Laurie Baker

This year, 2017, marks the centenary birth anniversary of arguably India’s greenest architect, Laurie Baker, who was often called the ‘father of sustainable architecture.’ Laurence Wilfred Baker, born on 2nd March 1917 in Birmingham, England, moved to India at the peak of the Indian Independence struggle against the British. A ‘Mission to Lepers’ sign that he saw in London piqued his interest and he was soon on a ship headed to India. The Mission was… Read more »