Building in the Andamans: Creating Stunning-Looking, Maintenance-Free Artificial Thatch Roofs for a Beach Resort

In this post we interview Warren Gawde, Project Lead for Palmex India, on his experience leading a roof-installation project for a luxury resort on Havelock Island, in the Andamans.  Warren, could you please tell us about this exciting hospitality project you worked on, in the stunningly beautiful Andamans?  Palmex India recently completed an ambitious roof installation project on Havelock Island. We were contracted to procure and install artificial thatched roofs for a luxury resort. Spread… Read more »

Are you beach-ready: 5 tips to build a seaside resort that lasts

Sea, sand, and sun – these words are synonymous with having a good time. Whether it’s just sitting by the sea and watching an orange sunset or splashing around in the waters – the coast has its way of making you forget about your everyday worries. A resort along the coast can be a haven for tourists who want to unwind and rejuvenate themselves by the sea. But for builders and architects, coastal buildings pose… Read more »

Three Questions: How Bangalore’s ITC Gardenia is a Sustainable, Green Hotel

We are happy to launch “Three Questions“, a new series of posts which will give our readers quick insights into what it takes to make a hospitality business sustainable. We are asking business leaders for three key takeaways — at a macro and micro level — which can inspire and guide others looking to implement similar initiatives. Here is the first post in this series, where we take a look at ITC Gardenia,… Read more »

Travel Green: Five Sustainable Indian Hotels to Pick From

The hotel industry has been under the scanner for being a high-energy consumer. In a world increasingly pressed for resources, hotels can no longer afford to be reckless in their use of resources and materials. Many hotels and resorts are now turning to innovative and sustainable practices that meet their needs while being mindful of the environment. Here are some examples that are leading the way in sustainability in India –

Rammed Mud Walls: Banasura… Read more »