3 ways Palmex synthetic thatch roofing helps property owners save costs

Palmex is a synthetic thatch roofing solution for discerning customers who want a reliable alternative to natural thatch. It has the same earthy, stylish appeal that natural thatch has, without the hassles of maintenance and repair. Palmex roofs have been installed in the world’s best resorts and vacation homes. Architects choose Palmex to create landscaping in apartments, lend a premium look to a yoga retreat, spa, hotel or home. While Palmex may cost more than… Read more »


Whether it’s the harshness of the summer sun, the burden of frozen snow in the winters, the eerie howling of wind storms or the beating of persistent rain, a house can only bear the onslaught of weather’s unpredictability with a strong and reliable roof over its head. Nothing is as important as a roof when considering the suitability of a building to climatic conditions. Even roof shapes have evolved as an adaptation to weather- gabled… Read more »

7 Reasons You Need a Palmex Roof Over Your Head

There’s no doubt that Palmex thatch roofs look great. Their tropical aesthetic has been just right for many hospitality and other commercial projects.  Not only is the synthetic thatch roof a great looker, but also an efficient performer. Its features provide considerable advantages that save time and money. Here are some top reasons to consider your move to a Palmex roof –


The Palmex thatch roof above all… Read more »

Palmex India Introduced to the Hotel Industry

The Arsha Consulting team had the opportunity of participating in Hotel Operators Summit of India 2016 earlier this Month. They showcased synthetic palm leaves – Palmex, which are made in Canada, at the event. There are currently no products available in the Indian market that are equivalent to these sustainable synthetic thatch roofs. The natural look and durability of Palmex impressed hotel owners and hotel managers looking for a tropical aesthetic for their… Read more »