Prefab is fab! Interview with a landscape design firm re-imagining the great outdoors

Building a beach resort, vacation home, or apartment complex in the heart of a city? Looking for ideas for your home garden or to beautify your outdoors with a fabulous poolside lounge, Balinese gazebo or contemporary-looking outdoor deck area to break the monotony? Landscape design can help you reinvent your space and create the perfect setting under the sun. We caught up with Riard Jasubhoy and Zane Pedder whose landscape design firm Tropical Paradise has… Read more »

A Look Back at the Year’s Highlights – Palmex 2017

Two years ago, we decided to enter the exciting Indian market. The journey from the snow-covered winters of Quebec in Canada to a sunshine-soaked, colour-packed India has been exhilarating, to say the least. We knew that in Palmex we had a top-quality product that over-delivers on its promises, but foraying into a completely new market had its share of challenges. While we’ve had wonderful clients right from the start, 2017 set the ball rolling for a… Read more »

Palmex adds a touch of serenity to Mumbai’s Sai Mannat apartments

Palmex India recently finished executing a project for the Paradise Group of builders, at their new construction – Om Sai Mannat – in Khargar, Mumbai. Paradise group is a well-known developer, with over 100 successful projects to their name, in and around Navi Mumbai. They are known for constructing luxurious, modern apartment complexes, with a focus on providing a wide range of amenities to their customers. Om Sai Mannat is no exception; the… Read more »

Richard Maillé, the Plastics Guru with a Great Product for India

The founder of Palmex talks about selling synthetic thatch, Québec style, to resorts and hotels in India and around the world When Richard Maillé, founded Palmex Synthetic Thatch in the cold region of Quebec, Canada, he had little idea that his product would one day be sold across continents. Palmex began its operations in India in 2016 and Maillé had been eager to visit the country ever since. He finally made his first trip… Read more »