Whether it’s the harshness of the summer sun, the burden of frozen snow in the winters, the eerie howling of wind storms or the beating of persistent rain, a house can only bear the onslaught of weather’s unpredictability with a strong and reliable roof over its head. Nothing is as important as a roof when considering the suitability of a building to climatic conditions. Even roof shapes have evolved as an adaptation to weather- gabled… Read more »

Architect Yashwant Bhelke’s Search for a Unique Roofing Solution

Palmex recently completed its first project in Maharashtra. We worked with Architect Yashwant Bhelke of Axiom to complete a one-of-its-kind thatch roof in Nimgaon, 160 km from Pune. The project was part of a recreational set up with a swimming pool in a client’s lush 50-acre farm. Our team of ten including eight installers worked for a fortnight to make the project possible. The Aloha variant of Palmex was used to give the roof an… Read more »

Natural Isn’t Always Green

Who doesn’t like the look of a natural thatch – understated and full of character, it’s a calming visual reminder of a simpler lifestyle free of worries. In today’s world of concrete monotony, it not only stands out but preserves the language of vernacular architecture – reminding us of traditions and local craftsmanship. While the rustic thatch ‘style’ has its many merits, the thatch, which is usually made of natural materials, such as palm leaves,… Read more »